In over 25 years of experience I have developed a broad range of skills in diverse therapy approaches and healing paradigms. Each individual or couple presents a unique mix of history, problems, and needs. For this reason, I draw upon traditional psychotherapy, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, and mind-body energy treatments to individualize how I help and heal.
Background and Treatment Philosophy
Top 10 Psychologists in Wynnewood, PA 2015
A winner of the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards for Wynnewood Psychologist
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Kabbalistic Healing
Spiritual Healing from A Society of Souls
Imago Relationship Therapy
Treatment for Couples and Singles
Sensuality and Sexual Functioning
Individual Therapy for Sexual Comfort and Aliveness
Thought Field Therapy
Mind-Body Energy Treatment for Rapid Symptom Removal
Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology
Exploration of the Spiritual Realm
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