Integrated Kabbalistic Healing

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH) combines the ancient mystical wisdom of the Kabbalah with developmental psychology, quantum physics, and teachings of non-duality.

This approach, developed by the internationally known healer and spiritual teacher, Jason Shulman, is one of the pillars of training in A Society of Souls (

In Kabbalistic Healing, A Path to an Awakened Soul, 2004, Shulman describes how the Kabbalah lays the groundwork for the emphasis on relationship and aliveness in IKH:

The Kabbalah is a wonderful tool for looking at how we make the world over in our own image. It is a wonderful tool because the Kabbalah is not a series of books or a series of theories, but a course in experience. It actually asks us to participate in the world in a new way. It asks us to be awake, to engage, and to awaken to engagement.

IKH views life’s struggles as part of a sacred process through which each of us searches for a return to wholeness. In response to pain, the ego creates symptoms which cause separation and block our full presence in every moment. By embodying the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and its divine qualities, IKH heals the splits in the heart, mind, body, and spirit that cause suffering. This healing promotes awakening and authenticity, and strengthens connection, balance, and aliveness.