Imago Relationship Therapy

Treatment for Couples and Singles

Imago Relationship Therapy, originated by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, integrates and builds upon several established psychological theories to produce a uniquely comprehensive approach to helping relationships survive and thrive.

The theory explains why individuals first come together and why they often fall apart or experience tension and conflict. The Imago process teaches couples, and singles desiring an intimate mate, to become fully aware of their destructive patterns, to understand how and why they affect their partner, and to change their hurtful behaviors. This leads to increased compassion and mutual healing.

Frequent Relationship Issues Include:

  • Poor Communication
  • Needing More Emotional Intimacy
  • Fallout from Affairs
  • Unsatisfactory Sex Lives
  • Feeling Incompatible
  • Frequent Arguments
  • A Pattern of Unsuccessful Relationships
  • A Desire for Pre-Marital Counseling